Ambassador Law

Ambassador Law


Located in St. George Utah, Ambassador Law is a national credit repair law firm. Ambassador Law, P.C. is operated, managed, and supervised by directing attorney Karl Mueller. They have been in business since 2009 with 20 years of credit repair experience. Their company is not backed by the Better Business Bureau.

Ambassador Law Process

• Register for legal help from Ambassador Law via phone or e-mail
• You will need to forward Ambassador Law your credit reports.
• They will help you dispute incorrect or inaccurate information on their credit reports.
• Select the items on the credit report that you are disputing for Ambassador Law to review
• They will keep you informed of progress through e-mail updates, phone calls and letters
• Results can vary anywhere from several weeks to nine months


• They offer unlimited disputes
• Provide you your own personal paralegal with a 24 hour response time
• 12 hour dispute response
• Their company allows cancellation of services without penalty or further obligation
• You will have convenient access to the process through the firm’s Online Case Manager


Price: $49 for set up and $49 per month. You will be charged after completion of services. Their company accepts checks and credit cards.

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Jan 24 2012
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