Coast to Coast Credit Services

Coast to Coast Credit Services


Coast to Coast Credit Services is a national credit repair company based out of Dallas, Texas. They are bonded and registered with the Secretary of State however not Better Business Bureau accredited. They are not a law firm.

Coast To Coast Credit Services Process

• Free consultation
• Credit auditing all three credit bureaus
• They will stop credit collection harassment
• Have incorrect and not validated negative credit items deleted off your credit report
• They will negotiate debt settlement for you
• Continue credit help and education
• Assist you in establishing new lines of credit
• They will send you email to keep you informed about the progress
• The process is no longer than 180 days, and the first results should arrive within 30-45 days


• Claim 100% satisfaction guarantee


$29.00 to get started
Creditors and credit bureaus don’t make any money when dealing with your consumer requests. By law they have to respond to your inquiries but they are usually not thrilled with doing it because it takes their employees away from activities that make money for the company. Credit bureaus in particular have gotten good at making the process complicated in an attempt to prevent consumers from exercising their credit rights. Before deciding whether or not to hire a company to repair your credit for you, consider other stressful situations you have been in in the past and ask yourself if now is the right time to deal with the bureaucracy of the credit reporting system. If you are up for a fight, credit repair will be exactly what you are looking for. You may also decide to take a stab at it and then let the professionals take over once it gets difficult
Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have had experience with this company.

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Jan 24 2012
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